How Tappp Ott Online Entertainment described by Swissclear Global Ceo

TAPPP currently provides access to more than 4,000 movies, TV Shows and music videos and over 50,000 songs from top Bollywood content providers. Swissclear Global, the parent company of TAPPP, has spent two years building a vast distribution network from which to access TAPPP prepaid cards and vouchers that now spans more than 1 Million retailers across 6 countries worldwide, reaching out to 3 Billion people.

The future for TAPPP will include Hollywood hits and movies as well as drama serials in other Asian languages Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indonesian. But starting with Bollywood content was no coincidence, “Indians consume more hours of movies and music than any other ethnic group in the world” states Agarwal. India also produces more movies every year than any other country in the world at 1,000 movies and has a growing international fanbase, that now extends beyond NRIs. In India and other less developed parts of the world where credit cards are scarce and customers are reluctant to use them, Agarwal discovered an “un-met need” and so TAPPP was born. Online entertainment consumption increases every month in India and the timelines for taking movies online after the theatre is decreasing.

TAPPP could also play a part alongside OTT heavyweights such as Netflix and Hulu in the future. TAPPP will make it easier for these giants to go for “market after market, an act which is currently difficult for them to do. With businesses like Netflix and Hulu that rely heavily on credit card payments TAPPP could co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner. “When they are here (in TAPPP’s key distribution regions) and realize that a lot of customers don’t want to pay with credit cards, I’ll be here to help them enable the cash economy,” Says Sandy Agarwal.

With dwindling DVD sales globally and a number of major studios having stopped making DVD’s altogether, a lot of services are now only available online. In 2011 revenue from OTT was estimated at between US$2 and US$3 billion and is expected to grow to a staggering US$37 billion in 2017. This is great news for services like TAPPP who provide a unique but necessary offering. “From a content providers perspective, what I think is truly unique is that with just one integration, they are able to access the entire network that sells our prepaid cards,” says Agarwal. It couldnt get much more simple than that and as a result TAPPP will be adding a number of new content providers in the coming months.

The future for cash is therefore not as dismal as most people would assume. In markets like Singapore, where TAPPP is based and has a vast network, the use of Prepaid cash is vital to facilitate daily cash activities such as parking. Whats more, statistics show that over 30 billion prepaid cards were manufactured in 2011, thats 4 cards for every single person alive. TAPPP will continue to grow its network across regions where prepaid cash is a way of life, where credit cards are seldom used to enable OTT entertainment online for a variety of content providers.

Let Your Baby Learn Through Baby Tv On Dish Network

DISH Network, one of the leading satellite TV providers in America, has brought entertainment to an entirely new level, which is simply beyond imagination. With great number of packages that are economical and deliver a pool of channels, DISH Network has truly won over millions of hearts in the US. People have switched to DISH TV so that they can have the best of home entertainment with their families. Whether it is sports, news, music, lifestyle or movies, you can enjoy it all with DISH Network. You just name it and DISH will deliver it right into your homes. Bring home this bundle of extreme joy and entertainment to make your family happy always.

Now you can watch Baby TV on DISH Network. Yes, an exclusive broadcast of the channel is possible only if you subscribe to DISH TV. Know all about toddlers, kids and entertainment and bring home their enjoyment with Baby TV. As a part of DISH a la carte services, you can simply add Baby TV to other programming packages and enjoy as much as baby-related information through this DISH Network channel. So, what are you thinking? Just add this DISH channel for a galore of entertainment for toddlers and babies are waiting inside Baby TV channel.

You can watch Baby TV on channel 126 on DISH Network. And price? Its very reasonable. You just have to pay $5 per month to watch this elite channel meant for babies and parents. If you get this DISH a la carte channel, then you can comfortably keep your baby busy. Besides, he will also be able to learn so many things through this channel. We all know that babies are highly attracted to visuals, to moving objects, colorful pictures and images. And so if they watch a bit of interesting yet educative programs on Baby TV, they are sure to learn something like about different colors, alphabets, shapes, rhymes, games, and lots more.

If you have Baby TV airing on DISH TV, then your children can enjoy watching First concepts, where the friendly dog, Louie names objects from a group and also identifies its colors. Other programs include Guessing Games, where Tulli, an animated small creature resembles a toddler, helps babies to learn different objects around the house or in a garden. Your baby will surely love to watch this amazing creature and his shapes train, learning different shapes as well.

In the Bedtime series, babies are lulled and prepared to sleep through gentle moving objects and by creating soothing environment for sleep. Some of the programs from this category include Moon, Twinkle Star, Sweet Dreams, to name some. So, you know now that how Baby TV brought exclusively by DISH Network can help your toddler with different activities.

Truly, Baby TV on DISH Network has come as a boon for babies who will enjoy playing and learning at the same time. It will help in future growth and prepare them for preschools early as well. So, if you dont have DISH Network subscription even now, then get it right away!

Through Entertainment Platforms, Michael Burg Promotes Health Education

In the US, it is a common thing among health professionals to use media interventions as an effective way to raise awareness to the general public. This is used to address a wide variety of health issues, medical research and development, latest pharmaceutical products, and so on. Among the many entertainment firms that offer social marketing services, Edge Health is the premier company that is dedicated to creating health literacy and education initiatives through media platforms. The company is headed by Michael Burg, who is an award-winning sports television executive responsible for the creation of numerous sports-oriented TV shows. An example of this TV show is Frosted Pink, which is produced to encourage women to do all necessary efforts to be educated about cancer-related illnesses affecting them.

Health illiteracy has been seriously affecting many patients. Most of them experience difficulty in following doctors instructions and prescriptions, including hospital rules and regulations. As a result, patients become more susceptible to stress that can improve the onset of their health condition. Good thing, commercials and TV shows that Edge Health presents on national TV are designed with a goal to show the importance of gaining health education that can help the targeted audience prevent worse health conditions. It is this challenging growing number of health illiteracy in the US that has driven the company to launch TV shows and commercials that will promote health awareness and education.

Nowadays, only a few entertainment products are produced that can actually combine education and entertainment. For example, commercials are meant to inform people about the products being promoted, but with Edge Health, they will also create story lines in which the audience can get something essential to their learning. It is no surprise when Mike Burg has received the 2009 Public Service Award in his effort to reach millions of viewers to help many non-profit organizations raise funds. As a matter of fact, GCF has benefited to every media campaign that Edge Health launches. The Frosted Pink has helped the GCF to receive more than $35, 0000 from among 13 million viewers and 100 million of media impressions.

Free Internet Entertainment

With the advent of the Internet and the mushrooming of various sites, entrepreneurs operating in small and specialized niches have found a means of survival. There are many sites that offer various products and services, which could not have been found so easily earlier. Also with efficient search engines like Google, finding appropriate sites for anything that one needs has become extremely easy.

Entertainment is one such area that has seen a boom, aided and abetted by the Internet. There is no need to buy music and movie videos these days since many of the same movies and videos are available free of cost. Free movie downloads have become extremely popular these days. One of the best aspects of these free downloads is that once the download is complete one can be assured of a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

Free movie downloads are not replete with advertisements which disrupt the flow of a gripping thriller at the peak of the plot. These free movie downloads can be saved and be viewed anywhere and at anytime on your PC, iPod or MP3 player. There is no need to wait patiently for the airing time for the movie on television or wait in long queues to collect tickets in a theatre.

To watch a free movie download one needs to have either the Windows Media Player or Rhapsody and Realplayer or the Apple Quicktime. These are names of software that allow anyone to view free movie downloads at the click of a button.

A popular new video compression technology that has been developed by DivX Inc allows users to play free movie downloads easily while preserving the quality of the picture and sound. It offers the same image quality as DVD’s and saves up to 90% of the space required.

The plethora of free movie download sites that are available allows easy access to anyone. Some sites differentiate themselves by offering specialized movies like that provides downloads and background information on classic movies. Some, like the specialize in funny free movie downloads like parodies and others like the allow you to create your own movie.

With the popularity of the free movie downloads, many associated sites have also formed a niche. Sites like will enable you to find any music or songs appearing in movies from a comprehensive collection. Movie scripts can be read at and bloopers, continuity goofs and anachronism can be located at

Most of the free movie downloads sites that you may come across like,,, and many others may be legal and genuinely free. But this is not true for all. Some sites allow for downloads of movies which are not in the public domain and therefore flout the US copyright laws. And then some claim to be free but charge a registration fee or a fee per download. Some may even have hidden viruses that may get downloaded to your PC.

So be careful while using the option of free movie downloads and exercise caution!

Directv Spanish Packages

Are you passionate about Spanish entertainment in US? DIRECTV provides stirring Spanish Packages in US for the fans of Spanish programs that will match their diverse tastes as well as budgets. The much admired DIRECTV Spanish package will wow all Spanish connoisseurs staying in the heart of U.S. They can stay connected to their homeland, anytime with DIRECTV, the best satellite television entertainment provider in U.S.

Revitalize your leisure with true entertainment in a lavish style with Spanish movies, enlivening sports, news and several exciting Spanish contents. You will savor the wide collection of DIRECTV Packages at different prices. So according to your selection, you can pick up from any one of the invigorating DIRECTV Spanish Packages.

Max Mexico

Seize the very first DIRECTV Spanish pack having 85+ digital channels in Spanish and English and get yourself overwhelmed. It is called Max Mexico, where you can enjoy numerous Mexican-based TV channels. If you are looking for some amazing Mexican programs at the minimum price, this is just the right pack that will fulfill your requirement. It is available for only $24.99 per month. Moreover it includes over 35 Spanish channels as well as 45 English channels. Here you can save $5 every month for one full year for which no redemption is required. The registration price of this pack is $29.99/month.This is the most valuable pack you can get at minimal budget.

Optimo Mas

The next best package of DIRECTV is Optimo Mas that will drive you crazy with its 165+ digital channels beaming with Spanish & English contents at just $29.99 per month. With this package you can enjoy over 55 Spanish channels and over 110 English channels. Here you can save $15 every month for 1 full year. The registration price of this pack is $44.99/month. Your monthly savings include $10 plus an additional $5 for signing up for DIRECTV emails and submitting rebate online. This package is one of the best and most admired Spanish packages of DIRECTV that are available in US market. Perk up your holiday mood in an amazing way with the best DIRECTV entertainment and get yourself rejuvenated. Free Showtime for the first 3 months make this package even more interesting.

Mas Ultra

DIRECTV Mas Ultra is another package that is sure to win your heart if you are so much enthusiastic about Spanish entertainment. It is a magnificent pack with over 205 digital channels at just $39.99 a month. With this DIRECTV pack, you can save $20 a month for one full year. The registration price of this pack is $59.99/month. Your monthly savings include $15 plus an additional $5 for signing up for DIRECTV emails and submitting rebate online. With Max Ultra, bilingual entertainment has become a source of pleasure and that too at competitive rates. By availing this package, you are entitled to get free HD DVR and HD Receiver and HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax absolutely free for the first 3 months. Through the exclusive programs of Max Ultra, the patrons of DIRECTV will appreciate the remarkable synthesis of Spanish and English at its best. By subscribing to this pack you can enjoy over 60 Spanish-language as well as over 145 English. By virtue of DIRECTV CINEMA, you can get 400 of the newest releases plus instant access to over 6,000 shows and movies, at no extra charge.

Lo Maximo

Lo Maximo of DIRECTV gives you the ultimate Spanish experience. It sports a stunning blend of 295+ Spanish and English channels that will provide you the best worth for your bucks. In addition to over 60 Spanish channels, you will get the privilege of enjoying over 235 English channels to satiate your craving for top-notch entertainment.
Lo Maximo encompasses over 35 specialty sports networks, like GolTV, YES Network and many more. By presenting DIRECTV CINEMA, you can enjoy 400 of the newest releases plus instant access to over 6,000 shows and movies, at no extra charge. This package includes every facet of DIRECTV Optimo Mas and Mas Ultra. So experience true entertainment with excellent DIRECTV Spanish Packages. Every Premium movie channel of DIRECTV Lo Maximo includes Showtime, HBO, Starz and Cinemax. The price of DIRECTV Lo Maximo is just $94.99 per month and thus it can be measured to be the best bang for your cash. Here you can save $20 every month for one full year. The registration price of this pack is $114.99/month. Your monthly savings include $15 plus an additional $5 for signing up for DIRECTV emails and submitting rebate online.

Each of the above Spanish packages of DIRECTV provides free standard professional installation, free shipping and handling @ $20 value online and you don’t have to pay any extra charge for local channels. These Spanish packages of DIRECTV also don’t include any start up cost and neither any equipment cost to buy. You can also get free DVR service for 3 months along with free standard professional installation from Optimo Mas, Mas Ultra and Lo Maximo.

Hurry to subscribe for the packages of DIRECTV Latino Packages and liven up your coveted space with fervor.