Lalaloopsy Dolls Now For Girls And Boys

Following the phenomenal success of the first edition, the manufacturer MGA Entertainment released new dolls in late 2010 and early 2011. One of the newest dolls to hit MGAs lineup is Patch Treasure Chest, the Lalaloopsy boy doll. In Julius Caesars words, He came, he saw and he conquered; Patch Treasure Chest has been an instant hit as now even boys have a Lalaloopsy doll to play with. Patch Treasure Chest was sewn on the 19th of September which is known as Talk like a Pirate Day Patch Treasure Chest is more of a fun pirate that your little boy will enjoy playing with. Patch has a great story as he was sewn from a pirates uniform and when his last stitch was sewn it gave him the love of adventure and an irresistible urge to collect shiny things he calls his treasures. Patch loves his treasure and guards it like any pirate would. This clutter bug and his pet parrot love to travel the world and his inability to read maps often leads the pair to unexpected adventures where they visit new places and come across new people.

Patch Treasure Chest is a well-dressed pirate who wears a red and black striped T-shirt over a long sleeved white undershirt. The pirates insignia skull and bones is printed in white on his chest. His brown pants have large pockets which are always bulging with the shiny collectibles he finds on his adventures and wears black and white sneakers with white laces. This yellow haired smart fellow has a black eye patch over his left eye. Overall he is pretty charming and is a great addition to the Lalaloopsy doll lineup. No wonder even little girls are going gaga over him and are simply crazy to add him to their collection.

Patch Treasure Chest is just about 12 tall and his head can be turned around completely. His arms and legs are moveable as well. His shoes and clothes can be easily removed so that kids can dress him in new sets of clothes that are sold separately.

Pirates and their daring adventures have always fascinated boys and girls. Patch Treasure Chest takes them to his captivating world, which they can explore. Like other Lalaloopsy dolls, Patch also encourages creative imaginations. Patch Treasure Chest is not only a great toy for boys but it also teaches them to be responsible and caring.


Lalaloopsy Dolls are impressive toys for children aged 4 and above. MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer has added a boy doll called Patch Treasure Chest in the second edition of Lalaloopsy dolls. Patch is equally popular among boys and girls and adults also love to have him in their collection. This dashing pirate has a parrot as a pet. Patch loves to travel and collect shiny objects on his way. However Patch is hopeless at reading maps and because of this he often ends up at strange places where a new adventure awaits him. Patch Treasure Chest is a fine addition to the Lalaloopsy doll lineup.

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Is There A Boy Lalaloopsy Doll Or Are They All Girl Dolls

Initially ten Lalaloopsy dolls (eight individuals plus a set of twins) were launched by MGA Entertainment. All of which were girl dolls; all of them had different features and wore different clothes in accordance with the personality they depicted. Even their names were based on their personalities. The outfits of the Lalaloopsy dolls were supposed to be made from cast offs and an interesting tale that the last stitch brought them to life and also gave them the character traits of the owner who wore those clothes generated a lot of interest among kids. Another aspect which made them popular was that they had their birthdays on some international event and they came with a cute little pet. The owner also got a collectible poster and a promise certificate plus the responsibility of keeping the magic of the dolls world alive. The first batch of Lalaloopsy dolls included the artist Spot Splatter Splash, the well dressed Jewel Sparkles, the sleepy head Pillow Featherbed, the prankster Peanut Big Top, the clever scientist Dot Starlight, the studious Bea Spells a-Lot, the aspiring chef Crumb Sugar Cookie and Mittens Fluff n Stuff. The twins Sunny Side Up and Berry Jars n Jam were the hardworking farm girls.

Though made for girls, the unique personalities of the Lalaloopsy dolls made boys sit up and notice them. Thats why when the manufacturer expanded their line of Lalaloopsy dolls; they added a named boy doll Patch TreasureChest the first Lalaloopsy boy doll. He is depicted as a fun loving pirate who loves to collect shiny objects. Traveling and adventures are his life but he is terrible at reading maps and this is why he often finds himself in exciting situations. This boy Lalaloopsy doll is dressed in a red and black striped T-shirt which has the pirates symbol of skull and bones printed on it. His brown trousers have unusually large pockets in which he carries his shiny treasures he finds on his journeys. The black patch on his left eye has made him even more adorable.

The jolly and adventure loving nature of Patch Treasure Chest has attracted the fun loving little boys as they can easily bond with him. Even little girls are smitten by his charms. Although many dolls targeting both boys and girls have been released, none of them have received such a tremendous response from the kids as the Lalaloopsy dolls. Every child lives in a fantasy land and in a Lalaloopsy doll, he/she finds a perfect companion to share his fantasies.


The Lalaloopsy dolls were primarily meant for girls but they are also appreciated and admired by boys as well. This prompted the manufacturer MGA Entertainment to launch a boy Pirate named doll Patch Treasure Chest in its new release along with other girl dolls. Patch Treasure Chest proved to be an instant hit as he was welcomed by both boys and girls. The range of Lalaloopsy Dolls can be considered perfect as it has dolls for both boys and girls.

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