Theatre: In Favor of Small Performances

People attend the theatre for many different reasons. The most common is to attend a large performance or concert. These can include plays or multiple piece orchestras. These are demonstrations of entertainment meant to engage the audience and pass the night away. However, while large performances have many advantages, there is something to be said about smaller shows that involve a calmer environment.

Concerts in Palm Springs are only one of the entertaining live performances that go on throughout the year. Typically, when people think of concerts, they imagine large scale bands and multiple instruments. However, musical performances range in their productions. A quitter, more personal performance can include a single piano player than moves through multiple classical periods, weaving different themes and periods into a seamless performance. The result can be an unforgettable evening.

People attend these types of events for many different reasons. For many, it’s a spiritual experience. There’s something highly reflective about a piano performance. It does not include some of the louder elements of a large scale performance and allows an individual to reflect on their life. The music invokes emotions that allow people to examine their own feelings.