China will deliver a shock to the world of digital entertainment

With the the fast development of the digital age, the choice for china wholesale mp4 player will be more and more, but most are the stereotyped shape and the same function, and it is difficult to get what in line with your own personality. However, it does not mean there is no such player, there are always some distinctive mp4 mp5 players waiting to be explored. So, what kind of mp4 player and mp5 player will attract people’s attention?

Big screen and versatile HOTT MD700, this style mp4 player can allow you to access to the Internet and do more things with it; and Venus V3 mp4 player is a great product for fans of the game; Sony W252, a unique earphone style mp3 player, after the first glance, you will no longer forget it; Philips CAM mp5 player is versatile with HD camera; Yinlips YDP809 mp5 player is more unique, it comes with projector function.These unique products can always make people fondle admiringly. However, given the high price, all are within sight but beyond reach.

Recent years, gaming is becoming a national pastime choice. Whether is on the street, or at home, you will find the game fans. It is very popular among indoorsman and indoors woman, or the white-collar workers. Really a good choice for time killing and decompression. It is digital era, also the fashion times, as for portable media players, the market has introduced a new type of mp4 players and mp5 players – whose main function is the game playing, with a sense of game’s operation, and compatible with many simulation games. These products have several things in common: first, based on the PSP’s design; second, more games compatible; Third, powerful video playing function, and low prices. For example, china electronics online store TradingMic ( ) has launched a variety mp4 mp5 psp players for the consumer. So, Let’s go to the details right now.This mp5 player with video game is slide style design. Slide the top open, there shows 4.3 inch LCD screen for easy game control, support for multiple formats games, including up to 8-32 gaming resources, and compatible with RMVB, RM, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MP4 and more other video formats, direct playing video without format conversion. Built-in HD digital camera, take photos or digital recording as you own will, which served as dual role, namely DC & DV. What’s more, the picture and sound is professional the same effect with home game console. The current specialized game station is from SONY PS3, Nintendo WII, Microsoft XBOX360, but this mp5 psp player is comparable to the effect of these video game consoles. Either visually or the operation are fondle admiringly. The 4GB flash memory will meet your timely entertainment needs.

In order to meet the needs of different users, to create colorful and high-quality visual entertainment. TradingMic carefully prepared for the humanized design mp4 mp5 player with psp and camera function. This 3.5 inch LCD touch screen video player suit for your video game consoles requirement, more suitable for portable entertainment. Not only realize the video viewing entertaiment and game playing in the palm, also features HDMI output interface, and supports composite AV output. So that the intense picture of the game and exciting feast can be moved to the TV with big screen, to achieve one dual-purpose machine. The perfect choice to reduce pressure for white-collar workers.

So, it is new digital era of the game, you will be added to a pair of richer wings, flying to the game…

Complete Your Home Entertainment System With An Lcd Mount And Av Rack System

Everyone likes having an interesting and useful home entertainment center. Whether you like to have small parties with friends or family or simply want to enjoy an evening at home to watch a movie, having a well planned home entertainment system will be ideal. You can easily set up your equipment and enjoy cinema quality sound and video. But, you have the added issue of organizing your plasma or LCD television, DVD player, game consoles and stereo equipment. An LCD mount system with AV rack can solve this problem.

Regardless of the type of decor you have, the Vivo Mounts VIV2002 LCD mount and AV rack system is perfect for home entertainment use. It is attractive and sleek. The simple lines are perfect to flow well with a traditionally styled home. The curves and monochromatic colors tones are perfect for modern homes. Your living room or recreational room will be the perfect home for the LCD mount and AV rack system. It will be attractive, work well with any decor and help organize the entertainment equipment.

Organization is the primary reason to use the LCD mount and AV rack system. It gives an attractive and useful area to put all your audio and video equipment so that it is in close proximity to your television. You can hide wires and attach all necessary equipment easily for a full and rich video experience. You can use the television mount for plasma or LCD screens from 32 to 50 inches. The television mounts directly to the arm and the wires are hidden within a tunnel. The height is completely adjustable so you can ensure it is positioned exactly where you can view it best.

The shelves are the perfect way to include a DVD player, TiVo unit, cable box, stereo equipment or game console that needs to be hooked up to the TV. You can organize them and stack them neatly. In addition all the wires used to hook up the components will be out of sight. If you have DVDs or games, they can be stored on the LCD mount and AV rack system so that you do not have a lot of clutter in your space. Or, you can use the shelves to add pictures or knick knacks that make the place look more appealing and warm.

The LCD mount and RV system is very useful and helps with organization. It also is an attractive addition to any home. But, even though the LCD mount and AV system is such a great addition to a home entertainment system it is also very affordable and easy to set up. It does not take a lot of time or effort to set the unit up in the home and it is available for less than most other types of home AV equipment so is great for the budget as well. If you are looking for a way to keep your entertainment equipment organized in a manner that is also attractive in the home, look no further than the LCD mount and AV rack system.