Homeshop 18 Shopping- Home Theatre Speakers For Home Entertainment

Home theater speakers are a setup in homes installed for the purpose of providing better audio reproductions. Now, with a home speaker, you can enjoy a wonderful sound experience in your living room. While there are many brands and models that do a great job reproducing sound. Few branded home theater speakers are as follows:

Vox 10000W Home Theater System


mind blowing sound quality and power at 10,000 Watts
Elegant Wooden Speakers
Highest power in the segment and at these prices
Real 5.1 output compatible with DTS / AC – 3 systems
Built in Amplifier
Remote Control
Operation LED Indicators
Light Touch control panel
Magnetically shield components to prevent any video interference with monitors or TV’s
PMPO 10000 Watts
3 x 5″ satellite drivers
This subwoofer setup is a real 5.1 channel independent output speaker system, which has a pure and beautiful acoustic fidelity. It can be directly connected to any equipment with audio output, such as Pcs, VCD, CD, DVD, LD Players and TVs
The cabinet of subwoofer is made of imported high-pressed, fire-resistant and moisture proof HDF
The subwoofer is characterized by warm and powerful output, abundant power reserve which is twice the playing power, very low distortion and also very good instantaneous expression
Satellite speaker with angles of elevation adjustable
With power switch and subwoofer/mute/master volume press button control
Powerful bass, rich midrange and clear treble match perfectly
Operation (mute/on/Aux/5.1) LED indicators


Power Supply: 220V/50 Hz 95 W
PMPO: 10000W
Output power: 30W + 10 W * 5
RMS: 100 watts per channel

Logitech Z 5500 5.1 THX Speaker

500W RMS, THX certified, integrated hardware decoding for true 5.1 digital sound.
Dolby Pro Logic II creates realistic 5.1 surround sound from stereo music, movies and games.
Simultaneously connect six audio sources including PCs, video game consoles, DVD, CD and portable music players.
Removable cloth grilles of satellite speakers for pro-audio look
Satellite speaker stands rotate for easy wall mounting.
Wireless remote control
Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

These gsm handsets are available in almost home theater speakers shop. In authors opinion homeshop 18is the best shop for all home theater speakers

How To Use Pc Subwoofers As A Home Entertainment Set

Are you thinking of buying an expensive home entertainment system but you are worried that you may not be able to secure it, especially with kids around the house or roommates who would always want to tinker on your things? You do not have to buy an expensive home entertainment system because there is a solution to having the same effect and level of enjoyment just by utilizing your PC subwoofer. Maximizing your PC subwoofer can be a wise use of your resource. It is not as expensive as a complete entertainment system and the quality of audio can be the same.

The first thing to do is to purchase the necessary cables. Go to your nearest electronic shop and buy a 3.5 mm stereo to 2 RCA Y-adapter connector. If the store assistant cannot find this item, note that it is also called a 3.5 mm stereo to phono adapter cable or jack. This cable will not cost more than $10.

The next step is to have your DVD player ready. You will connect the cable into the red and white audio outputs at the back of the player. This will be easy to locate since DVD players have these colored for easy connection.

Then, you should place your PC subwoofer near your DVD player. You will have to connect the stereo cable adapter both in the DVD player and the PC subwoofer. This will be easy to do since both the connector and plug are color coded. You only have to attach the cable to the same color. If you have an HDTV cable box, you can also connect the red and white audio output to the cable box.

With just a few dollars, you are ready to enjoy the music as you switch on your PC speaker set. Your creativity and resourcefulness will make you enjoy great bass music with the available resources. You can even connect the cable adapter to an FM transmitter and you have good quality satellite speakers and you can enjoy FM music with your PC subwoofer.

The process is very simple. In just a few steps you have turned your simple PC speaker set into a home entertainment system. When your kids accidentally break the wiring or the speakers, you will not feel so bad knowing that you only spent a few dollars and you can always replace the cables when needed. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a home entertainment system, you were able to save a lot of money to achieve the same purpose of enjoying good music quality. If you have better quality speakers, you will even enjoy your source of entertainment.

Today’s generation calls for creativity and resourcefulness. You only have to do due diligence in researching how you should do things the right way. When you start this habit, you will end up saving your resources and you will be free from unnecessary expenses.

When you play your music coming from your PC subwoofer, you will feel good knowing that you are able to maximize your resource and at the same time enjoy good quality music.

Complete Your Home Entertainment System With An Lcd Mount And Av Rack System

Everyone likes having an interesting and useful home entertainment center. Whether you like to have small parties with friends or family or simply want to enjoy an evening at home to watch a movie, having a well planned home entertainment system will be ideal. You can easily set up your equipment and enjoy cinema quality sound and video. But, you have the added issue of organizing your plasma or LCD television, DVD player, game consoles and stereo equipment. An LCD mount system with AV rack can solve this problem.

Regardless of the type of decor you have, the Vivo Mounts VIV2002 LCD mount and AV rack system is perfect for home entertainment use. It is attractive and sleek. The simple lines are perfect to flow well with a traditionally styled home. The curves and monochromatic colors tones are perfect for modern homes. Your living room or recreational room will be the perfect home for the LCD mount and AV rack system. It will be attractive, work well with any decor and help organize the entertainment equipment.

Organization is the primary reason to use the LCD mount and AV rack system. It gives an attractive and useful area to put all your audio and video equipment so that it is in close proximity to your television. You can hide wires and attach all necessary equipment easily for a full and rich video experience. You can use the television mount for plasma or LCD screens from 32 to 50 inches. The television mounts directly to the arm and the wires are hidden within a tunnel. The height is completely adjustable so you can ensure it is positioned exactly where you can view it best.

The shelves are the perfect way to include a DVD player, TiVo unit, cable box, stereo equipment or game console that needs to be hooked up to the TV. You can organize them and stack them neatly. In addition all the wires used to hook up the components will be out of sight. If you have DVDs or games, they can be stored on the LCD mount and AV rack system so that you do not have a lot of clutter in your space. Or, you can use the shelves to add pictures or knick knacks that make the place look more appealing and warm.

The LCD mount and RV system is very useful and helps with organization. It also is an attractive addition to any home. But, even though the LCD mount and AV system is such a great addition to a home entertainment system it is also very affordable and easy to set up. It does not take a lot of time or effort to set the unit up in the home and it is available for less than most other types of home AV equipment so is great for the budget as well. If you are looking for a way to keep your entertainment equipment organized in a manner that is also attractive in the home, look no further than the LCD mount and AV rack system.

How Tappp Ott Online Entertainment described by Swissclear Global Ceo

TAPPP currently provides access to more than 4,000 movies, TV Shows and music videos and over 50,000 songs from top Bollywood content providers. Swissclear Global, the parent company of TAPPP, has spent two years building a vast distribution network from which to access TAPPP prepaid cards and vouchers that now spans more than 1 Million retailers across 6 countries worldwide, reaching out to 3 Billion people.

The future for TAPPP will include Hollywood hits and movies as well as drama serials in other Asian languages Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Indonesian. But starting with Bollywood content was no coincidence, “Indians consume more hours of movies and music than any other ethnic group in the world” states Agarwal. India also produces more movies every year than any other country in the world at 1,000 movies and has a growing international fanbase, that now extends beyond NRIs. In India and other less developed parts of the world where credit cards are scarce and customers are reluctant to use them, Agarwal discovered an “un-met need” and so TAPPP was born. Online entertainment consumption increases every month in India and the timelines for taking movies online after the theatre is decreasing.

TAPPP could also play a part alongside OTT heavyweights such as Netflix and Hulu in the future. TAPPP will make it easier for these giants to go for “market after market, an act which is currently difficult for them to do. With businesses like Netflix and Hulu that rely heavily on credit card payments TAPPP could co-exist in a mutually beneficial manner. “When they are here (in TAPPP’s key distribution regions) and realize that a lot of customers don’t want to pay with credit cards, I’ll be here to help them enable the cash economy,” Says Sandy Agarwal.

With dwindling DVD sales globally and a number of major studios having stopped making DVD’s altogether, a lot of services are now only available online. In 2011 revenue from OTT was estimated at between US$2 and US$3 billion and is expected to grow to a staggering US$37 billion in 2017. This is great news for services like TAPPP who provide a unique but necessary offering. “From a content providers perspective, what I think is truly unique is that with just one integration, they are able to access the entire network that sells our prepaid cards,” says Agarwal. It couldnt get much more simple than that and as a result TAPPP will be adding a number of new content providers in the coming months.

The future for cash is therefore not as dismal as most people would assume. In markets like Singapore, where TAPPP is based and has a vast network, the use of Prepaid cash is vital to facilitate daily cash activities such as parking. Whats more, statistics show that over 30 billion prepaid cards were manufactured in 2011, thats 4 cards for every single person alive. TAPPP will continue to grow its network across regions where prepaid cash is a way of life, where credit cards are seldom used to enable OTT entertainment online for a variety of content providers.

Tv Entertainment Units

In the corner of nearly every living room in this country, you will find a rectangular shaped object that displays moving pictures and emits sound and light. Of course, its the TV. TVs used to be pieces of furniture in their own right with wooden cabinets surrounding them. But nowadays, more often than not, very slim, large, not necessarily pretty things that dominate your living room space.

The massive TVs available these days have to be on TVunits of some todays homes TVs tend to be the focal point of the room and therefore a TV unit is needed to take that into account, and should also be a beautiful piece of furniture.

TV units available nowadays will accommodate almost everything, your game console, speakers and DVD or Blu-Ray player and give storage for your games and DVDs to boot. Therefore you can get a TV unit that will keep all your home entertainment systems in one place.

One should never rush into the purchase of a large piece of furniture. Its important to assess the room, think about all the possibilities and potential arrangements, and really get a feel for space and lighting before making any large purchases. TV entertainment unit is the perfect instance of such a purchase. Depending on the available space, the TV entertainment unit can dominate the entire wall if you are comfortable with it or just occupy the entire corner of a room. On the other hand you may want a TV entertainment unit that complements other furniture in the room, thus going for a smaller unit.

When purchasing a TV entertainment unit, one should consider the space provided for the TV in regards to their own TV size. The television should remain your best feature or better still your crown jewel; therefore, you want this piece of furniture to compliment your television in the right manner. Storage can be considered if you may want to use your entertainment unit also as a storage unit, it should be able to house your home theater system, game console, DVD player, Blu-ray player, DVDs, your CDs a flower vase if you may so choose and anything thing else that you might see fit to be housed in your unit.

It is important to select an entertainment unit that will make your home look attractive and relaxing. Your existing furniture may demand you to choose a TV entertainment unit of a certain color, style and nature depending on the color and arrangement of your living room

Most importantly , you should take into account the size of the room, if you have a small room, you should purchase a small entertainment unit so that it doesnt make you room look chaotic and disorganized, its better to do a research before purchase. Read magazines, browse the net talk to friends and family, go to furniture stores and ask for advice on which TV entertainment unit fits your home lest you purchase a piece of furniture you will be looking in regret.

Choosing Boat Electronics Tips

So you’ve found the perfect boat. You’re ready to now outfit it with boat electronics. You have a vast array of choices, which is great, but it may make it seem overwhelming choosing from among them. Much will depend on the type of boater you are and the type of electronics you use in general. Can you read charts and the stars, or will you only want the best in electronic navigation? When you’re on your boat, do you plan to leave civilization behind, or will you want phone or email contact? Do you have a favorite marine electronics brand, or would you rather just choose the best from several different brands? Know yourself, your boating plans, and your general attitude toward electronic gadgetry, and you’ll have an easier time choosing how to outfit your boat.

Choosing the most suitable boating electronics can not only make your boating experiences more fun and your fishing more productive, but it can be important to your well being as well in the event of an emergency. Choosing the right equipment is the first step, but learning to use it properly is equally as important. And that means you’ll have to take the time to learn how to use the equipment whether it’s from instructional videos, manuals, or having someone show you how to use it.

Besides, you should know how to navigate by other means in the event of your electronics failing. Learning how to use navigational charts and plot your course is still a required skill. That being said, here are some tips to help you choose your electronics.

1. The boat electronics you should choose should be an automatic identification system, or AIS. It is used by boats and by the Vessel Traffic Services to find and identify boats. Your AIS gear is the most important electronic device you’ll buy. It allows vessels to exchange electronic data including position, identification, and course. The AIS transponder will cause your vessel to show up on computer screens at Vessel Traffic Services stations. If you have an emergency or should become lost this is critical.

2. A GPS system is another important piece of boat electronics your boat should have. One of the more popular choices is for a multifunction display that puts several different instruments onto one screen. Such multifunction machines can even allow you to run radar and fishfinder data through one display. They are also relatively easy to expand for other functions and displays.

3. If you have a choice of displays, remember that the larger it is, the easier it will be to see. And keep in mind that on a boat, viewing conditions can be far from optimal due to sun glare, storms, and swells. If you can afford a 10 to 12 inch display, that’s best, but you should definitely choose at least a 7 inch display for your boating electronics.

4. If you are interested in on-board entertainment, you can coordinate your display for several peripheral boat electronics. Other devises like satelite recievers, computers, DVD players and music systems can be connected. All of these are great extras to have, however, don’t get them in lue of choosing quality safelty gear. And make sure that all your navigation equipment is mounted where it access is easy.

5.Another good investment in the safety of your boat is a depth sounder or fishfinder. If the weather turns bad, a depth sounder combined with your GPS plotter can help get you safely back to shore.

6.There is an ever changing selection of marine electronics products made available for the boating industry. There are now laptop computers designed specifically for use in boats. These computers perform like standard laptops do, but they can also be equipped with special software like RayTech RNS 6.1, which allows multi-format charting, hsb2 electronics integration, and worldwide tides and currents among its many functions.

In summary, your AIS device, GPS plotter, and depth sounder are the most critical pieces of boat electronics for your vessel because they pertain to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Have these pieces in place first, and if it’s in your budget, there are plenty of extras you can add in the way of entertainment equipment and fish finding devices that you can have fun with.

Free Internet Entertainment

With the advent of the Internet and the mushrooming of various sites, entrepreneurs operating in small and specialized niches have found a means of survival. There are many sites that offer various products and services, which could not have been found so easily earlier. Also with efficient search engines like Google, finding appropriate sites for anything that one needs has become extremely easy.

Entertainment is one such area that has seen a boom, aided and abetted by the Internet. There is no need to buy music and movie videos these days since many of the same movies and videos are available free of cost. Free movie downloads have become extremely popular these days. One of the best aspects of these free downloads is that once the download is complete one can be assured of a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

Free movie downloads are not replete with advertisements which disrupt the flow of a gripping thriller at the peak of the plot. These free movie downloads can be saved and be viewed anywhere and at anytime on your PC, iPod or MP3 player. There is no need to wait patiently for the airing time for the movie on television or wait in long queues to collect tickets in a theatre.

To watch a free movie download one needs to have either the Windows Media Player or Rhapsody and Realplayer or the Apple Quicktime. These are names of software that allow anyone to view free movie downloads at the click of a button.

A popular new video compression technology that has been developed by DivX Inc allows users to play free movie downloads easily while preserving the quality of the picture and sound. It offers the same image quality as DVD’s and saves up to 90% of the space required.

The plethora of free movie download sites that are available allows easy access to anyone. Some sites differentiate themselves by offering specialized movies like that provides downloads and background information on classic movies. Some, like the specialize in funny free movie downloads like parodies and others like the allow you to create your own movie.

With the popularity of the free movie downloads, many associated sites have also formed a niche. Sites like will enable you to find any music or songs appearing in movies from a comprehensive collection. Movie scripts can be read at and bloopers, continuity goofs and anachronism can be located at

Most of the free movie downloads sites that you may come across like,,, and many others may be legal and genuinely free. But this is not true for all. Some sites allow for downloads of movies which are not in the public domain and therefore flout the US copyright laws. And then some claim to be free but charge a registration fee or a fee per download. Some may even have hidden viruses that may get downloaded to your PC.

So be careful while using the option of free movie downloads and exercise caution!

Car Dvd, Cell Phone, Portable Gps Unit Help Your Gps Devices Customer Make The Right Choice

GPS devices with their ability to pinpoint your exact location to the latest millimeter has been turning up on everything from cell phones to car DVD players these days. These tools can guide you to where you intend to go to by graphically showing your actual position in a map before giving you turn by turn directions to your destination.

When first created these were large contraptions attached to cars and other vehicles, the techniques used in GPS devices have gone a long way resulting in smaller, a growing number of portable, and more affordable devices packed with a wide variety of features that users like you will surely enjoy. Some of the devices with this technology include car DVD players, wristbands, mobile phones, smartphones handheld units, computers and even devices small enough to be put onto your keychain.

Almost anything can be put to use as a GPS capable device, from the least expensive portable units, to the most high priced high-end units with 3D and high-definition digital maps. As a distributor or entrepreneur engaged in the GPS sector, it is important that you are familiar with the benefits, disadvantages and features of each of these device so you are in a better position to help your customers make the right choice.

The Three Most Common Types Of GPS Device

The following is a quick look at the more popular GPS navigation devices available in the field:

* Car DVD Players with GPS Capabilities

The car DVD player is more than an entertainment device these days it can also be used for communicating and navigating. These players have incredible audio quality and high resolution screens which are much better than other portable GPS devices.

The problem however lies in how hard car DVD playes are to carry around as these units are directly installed on your vehicle’s dashboard. Costs of car DVD players can also be prohibitive, and are much higher than cell phones or portable GPS units. These electronics however appeal to people with a more classy taste and are not opposed to spending more for better quality. These devices also appeal to users who constantly make use of GPS systems on their cars such as limousine services and car rentals.

* Portable GPS Units

People who place a greater value on portability or the ability to use their GPS device in different vehicles will be more inclined to use portable GPS units. There is a wide variety of portable navigational devices available from snap on units that are able to be mounted on a card dashboard or handheld GPS navigators that can be strapped on the wrist or arms to aid with navigation while hiking or jogging.

These units have almost the same functions as installed GPS units but their video and audio output is lower. You can play multimedia files uploaded to the device’s internal memory, but these devices have no capabilities of taking CDs or DVDs directly. The main attraction however is the units superb portability and the lower price that can drop by as much as 30% to 50% compared to other GPS devices.

* Cellular Phones with GPS Capabilities

The FCC mandated E911 required cell phone manufacturers to possess GPS capabilities built in to cell phones and upmarket phones to help 911 response units to pinpoint the phone’s location during emergencies. But emergency situations are not the only advantage for the GPS capabilities of these phones as you are able to use them for directional information just like any other GPS tool.

Cell Phones aren’t as good at media and entertainment as car DVD players or handheld media devices but they are tops at communication. These devices appeal to people who need GPS functionality but do not want to lug around a separate unit.

Assisting Your Customers To Make the Right Choice

It is up to the seller (that’s you) to make the buyer understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type of device and guide them towards making the right decision. So, it is vital that you ask customer certain queries that will guide them in the selection process.

First is to ask them what particular places they intend to use the device in.You wouldn’t suggest that an outdoors person would buy a car DVD player with GPS functionality to fill their needs, just like you wouldn’t recommend a small screened portable GPS unit to a motorist.

Frequencies are another thing to ask users about, particularly with their need to use a cellular phone equipped with GPS or they aim to use a dual-band or tri-band portable GPS navigator in a different country. Take note that GSM signal frequencies are sometimes be different depending on where the customer is going so it is important that you and your customer know exactly what they need.

Similar to frequencies, DVD regions is another thing to ask if the customer has his eye on a car DVD player with GPS capabilities. They may end up unable to read certain DVDs if there are regional limitations in the tool itself.

Aside from the above, you should ask customers the particular features or applications that they would like their GPS device to have. If they need to play DVDs or CDs then recommending a portable GPS or even a cell phone is not very wise. If portability is an important consideration for the customer don’t recommend a car DVD player. Cell phones and portable GPS units can be installed added applications so it would be wise to know what can be installed or not.

Theatre At Home Changed The Entertainment Level

Watching a movie with a family after a tiring day or at the weekend is a wonderful moment. This moment is made fantastic with a home theatre at home. There are various types of Home Theatre Accessories like DTH theatres, DVD home theatres and much more. If there is a party at home, with a fully loaded home theatre, we can make the party a colorful occasion, by playing the songs, movies and taking the ambience of enjoyment to the next level with the output of about 1950W RMS output, 1000W output and much more. There are various systems available like dual sub-woofer system, smart phone connection via NFC or Bluetooth, digital music arena mode and much more like these.
Having an efficient home theatre is a plus when we have to organize a get together or a party. Its really effective in terms of spending quality time together having fun. Watching movies will be in a different dimension when we own a home theatre. Watching games like cricket, football will be exhilarating, with high definition TV and surround sound system, we feel we are watching a live game. Another crazy feeling about owning a home theater is the video game experience one gets!
We have to choose the best components for our system for the best experience. There are various home theatres available with various features like Bluetooth, wireless speakers and much more.
The Blu- ray Home Theatre Design are the latest home theatre systems that provide 3D experience.We can enjoy the HD 3D pictures with the advantage of the sound gallery which complements the picture. Watching movies in the living room has become as exciting as watching it in the theatre, well it may be better than that too.
The DVD home theatre system has various application options that we can very well play with! These systems include a plethora of controls and features like speakers and DVD players which are fully featured, with full support for iPod, DivX movies,digital photo playback and much more.
The picture, the sound is of course an important aspect of the home theatre, what comes next is the gadget one gets with these home theatres which is just amazing like the satellite systems, DVRs, high-end devices, video game systems, stereos and etc… Adding a Personal computer to the home theatre will make the video chats, Skype chats, YouTube videos, online shopping and etc even more interesting with superior audio and video quality. Home Theatre projectors one can also have to enhance more experience.
There are numerous online shopping portals where we can compare the prices, reviews and other details. We can carefully analyze and research on the type of system we need along with the gadgets. They are comfortably available in the desired price ranges for the desired package. All one has to do is just buy the apt home theatre system to make the most boring and mundane entertainment system to the most exciting system. The perfect home just needs the perfect home theatre system to complete the entertainment package one needs at home. Click Here, if you need to collect more information and would like to shop stuffs for your home.

Home Music System Bring Entertainment To Your Home

The entertainment industry has seen a lot of changes in the past few years thanks to technological advancements. Unlike the time when the best place to watch a movie was at a movie theater or listen to music being a nearby disco club, now you can comfortably enjoy your music right from your home music system. Listening to music from big audio systems add value to your entertainment making it an awesome experience. Having the best home stereo system can thus take you to far off place with rocking sounds.

The latest advancements in technology have led to invention of high quality audio system components such as the home theater system, surround speakers and amplifiers. A home theatre is however a combination of all the necessary components to complete the best music system that will bring the best entertainment to your home. A home theater offers the best quality sound with a multiplex experience. The main components of this crucial home entertainment system are; the speakers, display and DVD player.

The DVD player
This is an important component for the best home audio system. You can play DVDs and LCDs through this component and enjoy a high quality sound and pictures over the television sets. It is no more a matter of driving all the way to movie theatres for you to enjoy your favorite movie or get to disco clubs to enjoy high quality music. Now you have them right at the comfort of your home.

The TV
This is a high resolution set that brings an exclusive impression of what you are watching. The sound and picture quality of a home theatre are of high quality hence no need to get out of your house in search of an entertainment joint.

The amplifier
This is the main component of your home music system used to amplify a signal from a low level to a high level. You can increase your listening experience today by installing the right music system in your home.

With good quality speakers, you have got the solution to your demand for high quality entertainment. The amplifiers work hand in hand with speakers boosting them to produce even better quality sound. Without the amplifiers, your home entertainment is all dead! Amplifiers are therefore the greatest investment you can make in your home entertainment system. There are several types of amplifiers to suit everybodys interests and budget limits.

In order to get the best quality home music system, you need to do your research properly and determine exactly what you intend to have as your home entertainment then look out for the components in the local music stores or search online for the best quality home entertainment products. Surround music is what every homeowner wishes to enjoy. It is therefore a priority to go for the best home audio systems like a home theatre system to take care of your home entertainment needs. You are guaranteed of the best quality music once you choose the right home music system. Get out there now and change your home entertainment forever.